What to expect

Are you new to massage? Or had a massage but not a full body treatment? It can be a bit nerve-wracking to step into a treatment room and put yourself in the hands of a therapist, not knowing what the treatment will look like. I know, I’ve been there! So let me walk through what your first treatment will look like, either at the treatment room, or at your home.

At the treatment room

Follow the contact button for information about where you can book in with me, and the book now button to make the booking! The consultation form is filled out during the booking process and can be edited up to the day before your appointment. On the day, we’ll chat through anything that’s come up on the form, any questions you have and what the treatment will look like for that appointment. This may take 5-10mins, and including time for you to get on and off the couch, it’s always good to assume your appointment may take around 30 more minutes than the treatment length.

For your comfort, I leave you on your own to change and get on to the couch in your underwear, covering yourself with a towel before I return. I will work my way round the areas of the body we agreed on before, uncovering only the necessary area to maintain your warmth and modesty. Once the treatment is over, I will leave you to get up and dressed in your own time.