Having never had a massage before I was a little apprehensive, but Emma talked me through everything before our appointment and answered my questions. I opted for the Swedish massage to release some tension and de-stress. I felt relaxed throughout and felt totally de-stressed at the end. Looking forward to making future appointments.



Emma was professional from start to finish and made me feel so at ease about my treatment. She targeted my areas of tension so well that I woke up the next day not feeling achy anymore at all. I can't wait to see her again. Thank you, Emma, for providing me with the self-care I needed. x Amazing results



I came to Emma as I have back problems and felt reassured that Emma could help. She is such a great massage therapist, she makes you feel so calm before you even start the treatment. She has so much empathy and knowledge, that I felt nurtured and cared for. I felt I was able to move more freely and pain-free after our first treatment. I shall continue seeing Emma as I know regular massage is the best thing for my back but also for my mental well-being. Thank you so much Emma. xx



Emma is a wonderful person - warm, kind, easy to be around, and so trustworthy. She is obviously skilled and knowledgeable, but what I love most is how well she listens to what you need and then tailors the treatment so well. I felt relaxed, renewed, and energized, and I can't wait to go back.



I have chronic back pain because of a seizure several years ago, so I've seen a lot of massage therapists. Emma is very professional, knows what she's doing, and pays attention to detail, but still manages to be warm and friendly. The treatment was very relaxing, and I hope to have regular treatments in the future. Would recommend her to anyone.