Lava Shells Thermabliss Massage

This deeply relaxing and indulgent full body massage uses a range of sensory elements combined with the comforting heat of Lava Shells and the therapist’s expert touch to bring about a blissful state of wellbeing. More than just a massage, this idyllic treatment incorporates Sensory Retreats Restore Wellbeing Oil and Divine Eyes self-heating Eye Mask to deliver a complete immersion of the senses. During this full body massage, the shells are worked on; back, neck, shoulder, legs, and arm areas to ease away tension, knots and stress. Followed by a scalp massage. Benefits of this massage:

  • Promotes extreme relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Reduces tight, tense muscles
  • The Divine Eyes mask helps with tension headaches and hormonal migraines
  • Ideal if working long hours in front of a computer
  • Sleep is improved

60 Minute Full Body Massage: £65

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Lava Shells Relax Treatment

Lava Shell massage uses heat alongside massage techniques. Applying heat to muscles and soft tissues helps the muscles to relax, increase local circulation and make connective tissue more pliable. Sore or tight muscles benefit from the increased circulation as it aids pain relief as well as:

  • Increased local metabolism, helps remove dead cells and increase growth of new cells
  • Sooth and sedate sensory nerve endings, helps relieve pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Increase flexibility of connective tissue, improving range of movement
  • Stimulates sweat glands, helping elimination of toxins from the body

30 Minute Back Massage: £40

Lava Mama

There are some things that make having a regular massage difficult – being unable to lie on your back or front shouldn’t be one. This treatment side steps this issue, whether it’s because you’re pregnant or have mobility issues. In the Lava Mama treatment you lay on your side, with bolsters to support you so you can experience the joy of a gently heated treatment and all the gorgeous benefits that come with it! Available as a full body treatment, or focus in on the back and arms.

60 mins full body – £65

30mins back and arms – £40

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