Massage / Fascia work

Most people come to massage for relaxation and easing muscle tension. However, beyond the tranquility and composure that massage gifts, there are plenty more benefits for the body. Swedish Massage aids the body by:

  • easing sore and fatigued muscles
  • improving immunity
  • improving circulation
  • promoting relaxation and sleep
  • aiding digestion
  • improving joint mobility and flexibility

Each Swedish massage is tailored to the individual's needs. An in depth consultation ensures you get the most benefit from your massage. A range of oils; varying from plain-- for those with allergies-- to calming lavender and revitalising mandarin, provide different aromas to aid both the mind and body. Each session can focus on a specific area or extend to a full body treatment.

45 Minute Massage: £50.00

60 Minute Massage: £60.00

75 Minute Massage: £70.00

90 Minute Massage: £80.00

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